I have a sheet that houses all projects within one department.  Many of the projects have child rows that I don't want to include in my count formula.  I have a Hierarchy column that reflects "0" in the parent rows - those are the only rows I want to count if the date of completion is in the current


I am trying to average how many days a claim has been open for a certain technician. We signify the claim being open by having a certain column being blank... here is the current formula that I have:

=AVG(COLLECT({West (Tech Sheet) Range 1}, "", {West (Tech Sheet) Range 2}, "Artur Alimov - ARAL",


I need to be able to return the most recent value for the Created Date column and the corresponding Discussed column text.

Currently, I am using an IF, COUNT, MAX, CHILDREN formula that I found on the community to return a MAX date within a grouping of rows but I can't figure out how to also return



I have a Smartsheet that I use to track multiple data entries each day from our vendor agents. I created a form for them to fill out for each instance, and they typically have no problem adding the data to my Smartsheet. 

Recently, when the agents try to submit a form, if they select the