Hey guys,

I have read several posts with several workarounds for calculating a value between a Start Time and an End Time where the input and result need to be in HH:MM. I have an idea and a beginning:

1. I created two System Columns. [Start Time] as 'Created (Date)' and [End Time] as 'Modified



This is to seeking help how to sum the "Down Payment" & "P.G. Billing 1" when Due Date are JAN.2019, Pls refer to the attached picture.

I'm using the below formula for single column computation,

=SUMIF([Due Date 1]16:[Due Date 1]24, "JAN.2019", [Down Payment]16:[Down Payment]24)

But have no idea


Hello I am looking for advice on the best tool to extract data from Smartsheet to a third party graphing service and then embed the 3rd party graph in a smart sheets dashboard.

The two options I can think of are the 

!. Live Data Connector to Excel or Tableau

2. Power BI desktop


Is anyone familiar


I know I'm getting old, but at this rate I'll never see the end of this project! :)

Pay close attention to the duration column here. These numbers don't add up!

Also, I've already submitted a help ticket. I'll post back here with the response.

Thus far, this is the only row I see like this. For what