We are using forms to gather group ideas for creative projects. After, we would like to take each form submission or row and populate to a formatted PDF that can be presented to the managers for approval. Is there a way to push a form submission to populate a PDF? Or link cells in smartsheet to


Greetings. I have a Real Estate Property "Rehab Project Plan" with tasks that I would like to assign to a vendor (i.e Electrician) so that I can manage his tasks and collaborate with him. I do not want the Electrician to see entire sheet, only that task(s) assigned to him. 

I have read several


Hi. I have several smart sheets with 2 columns, being the first column common to all. What is required is to have an aggregated smartsheet with the common first column and append the second columns of the other smart sheets.


Smarthsheet 1

Subject    Juan

math           A

physics       B



Could anyone provide a trick to move the formula tip dialogue box?  I am getting an Unparseable error message, but I cannot see the formula to check the syntax (see attached screen shot). Are other people facing this problem?  Is it browser specific?


I am working around this by copying and