I have cell one that has a function in it say IF(1=1,true,false) and it outputs true. I then want to do a vlookup for that true value, but I keep getting that no such value exists. I assume that's because the cell actually contains the formula rather than the value true. Is there a way to reference


I am trying to figure out how to write a formula to auto assign a task when it meets different criteria. For example, my column is "Type of Request". If it is Creative, then I want to assign Kristi from my contact list. If it is Product, I want to assign John. I have 7 different choices within the


I have a sheet with info for a few hundred people. For privacy reasons I cannot share it with them, because they cannot view other people's rows (a selectively hidden feature I've put in a vote for). 

So I send everyone their information in an update request and ask them to fill it out. I then see

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Further to a considerable amount of Community requests for a way to Update Dropdown Lists in just one sheet, then have that list Automagically populate all the other Smartsheets that reference that list.

Our Developers, using the Smartsheet API have created just that solution, in fact we have