Been using SS since 2016 and have never had a delay send or non-received notifications. My entire company today is not receiving the regular email notices.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue today (or if in past, how was it resolved)?

Note: I have contacted our Account Rep and ensured that the


We have notifications set up for when our name is mentioned in a specific column. However, even after we've addressed that line item, we continually get notifications for it. Is there a way to program it so that we get notifications for as long as the line item is live, but no longer after it's


Hi All,

Does anyone know if we can hide, or mask, checkboxes within certain cells? I have a sheet comprised of a running task list, which utilizes nested rows, and I don't want the checkboxes to appear in my "title" rows. Is there any way to hide them by editing cell formatting?

Thanks for any info


Hi everyone, 

I am back again  :(.  I am trying to figure out how to write a formula that will SUMIF column "Status" is "Active", column "Current Phase" is "Discovery", and column "Discovery Total Time" is populated with a number.  The last column will change as the phases are completed.  I have