I want to show on a dashboard the time it takes to get to each step.

For example, I have five columns - all are checkbox columns where each time one is checked it automatically alerts the appropriate person to move onto the next step (a new column). When all five columns are checked, the task


I am trying to write an IF statements that allows me to set either an up, sideways or down arrow based on the the difference between two dates. I have found many example and have tried to reverse engineer them however I am not having any luck

Basically if the two date fields when subtracted = a



I just began using Dashboards and I have a question I´ve not able to answer. I have a project portfolio and several projects.  The project portfolio is a centralized Smartsheet and its related to all the individual project smartsheets.

I´m trying to build a Dashboard where you can select one of


Good morning, I am using Smartsheet to track swim time which has a format of minutes:seconds:fractionalseconds (i.e. 5:00.50).  I would like to see if anyone has a solution for a couple of issues I am seeing:

1. I would like to use the MIN function to look across multiple cells (swim meets) and pull