Is there a way to export a list from a sheet that shows the user's security level? And if so, can this list be imported to a new sheet so that each team member does not have to be added manually to the new one?



This is not necessarily for a template that is used repeatedly. It is a group of


I was thrilled to read the Smartsheet blog about the new integration with Skype for Business Online that allows users to live chat through Smartsheet and have those conversations automatically saved to the comments in a sheet. This is such a valuable tool for many users and wanted to know if there



I have built a sight which is a kind of high level summary.

In which I have linkwidget to open detailed sights


I published the link to the high level sight, and people have it on their mobile / laptops


pb: using the link to the summary sight works ok and the summary opens in 'view' mode, but