My sheet is automatically sorting my rows without any sorting or filters applied. After I enter a new row at the bottom and hit Save, the row is displaced to another location within the sheet.

I need to be able to clear this setting and get my sheet sorted the way it was before... with the newest


I have a project that has hundreds of tasks. Each task has a fabrication duration and a delivery/logistics duration. How can i add an extra column and add the extra duration per task to show in the gantt chart in maybe a different shade or different color?


The other solution, would be to add a


I have done this in Excel but can’t seem to get it to work in SS.   I need conditional formatting to represent the following:
EAC Margin < BL Margin
BL Margin ≤ EAC Margin ≥ (BL Margin + 5%)
(BL Margin +5%) < EAC Margin 
Tried creating a separate column with a formula using IF.    But can’t seem