I have built a sight which is a kind of high level summary.

In which I have linkwidget to open detailed sights


I published the link to the high level sight, and people have it on their mobile / laptops


pb: using the link to the summary sight works ok and the summary opens in 'view' mode, but


Has anyone had the same problem since the new Filter was released... you cannot activate the filter you have just created by pressing enter. you have to click on 'APPLY' with your mouse or touch screen.


Smartsheet - the new filters are amazing... but we really need the option to activate the


Any ideas on constructing more user-proof formulae? 


I'm having trouble with users inserting rows in a sheet versus appending new rows at the bottom.  Locking rows doesn't prevent an insert (would be nice if a non-admin user couldn't insert when adjacent rows are locked).


I've used the following