I'm encountering an issue with the LOOKUP formula in Smartsheet.

Apparently it doesn't work with the names that I use in my lookup range (note that I dragged the formula down to the bottom, using "$" to block the rows of the range, but I get no results):


I would like to understand why it


Let's say I have two activities, A & B.


A has a Start of 3/1/2016 and did indeed start on 3/1.  However, it cannot finish until B finishes.  So we put down B as a predecessor to A with a FF dependency.


The problem I'm seeing is that as B Finish Date gets moved around, the Finish Date for A also


I am trying to create a calendar or events based off a master list of events on another sheet.


The source sheet is a master list of all possible events. That sheet contains a column of check boxes. When a checkbox is checked I would like it to automatically copy that row from the source sheet to