I am seeing what may be a bug but perhaps another set of eyes can help here.


I have a task which has 2 children. Those 2 children each have children of their own (grandchildren).


The Children are showing the correct % complete rolled up from the Grandchildren. However the parent is not.


It is






I like the improved Notifications functionality and would like to add one more suggestion.  Can you add a "Delivery" capability so that the frequency/Date/Time for the notification can be customized?  This is similar to the existing functionality in SmartSheet Update Requests.


I absolutely love the new Conditional Notification feature from Smartsheet. Thank you so much!


I do however, wish that you could view the attachments in the e-mail. This was part of an existing issue we had with some of the automated e-mails we set up before (either through other companies or via



Is there a way to run a report that will tell me all of the changes that have made in my sheets? I know I can go in individually and do that highlight changes command, but I have so many sheets it is impractical. I would prefer to accomplish this in a report that pulls in the data from all of


I set up a new customized notification yesterday and set up the email delivery for myself and 3 other colleagues.  However, I was the only person to receive the notification email this morning. Did I do something wrong or is this a programming issue?

I have included a screen capture of the