Hi I need help with creating a formula to calculate the numerical values in the child coulmn but only if a tickbox is ticked. So far i have come up with  ="Total Withdrawn: £" + SUMIF(CHILDREN(Completed2:Completed4))   


Any help would be appreciated.


Hi I want my spreadsheet to SUM the child numerical value under the condition that the tickbox in a separate column is ticked, so far I have come up with the formula ="Total Withdrawn: " + SUMIF(Completed:Completed , CHILDREN()) but it doesnt seem to work. Some help


Does anyone know if there is a way to allow a recipient of a "Send update request" to use the same link more htan once to update a particular row?


An installation within my organization is a single day event but can span the entire day.  I may need multiple check-ins from my field tech.

Today, I


I use one report sheet as My Daily Task Tracker and when I finish a project I select Done to show completition.  However my list is full of completed projects now with lines through the content.  I still would like to access this later but on a daily basis all I need to see is the Incomplete Tasks.