Our tradeshows are listed by week i.e. Week 1: 5/1-5/5 in the Grid view.  When I switch to Calendar view, the trade show isn't listed at all?  Any sugestions on how I can see all of our tradeshows in a given month?


I was wondering if it is possible to auto-fill cells based on an item that is selected from a drop-down. I am trying to create a form for our subcontractors to upload submittals and I wanted them to be able to select from a drop down list what they are submitting. I.E. Product Data for Paint, or


I have a status sheet that is picked up in a Sight.  For ease of recognizing updates, I use condirional formatting to change the text color on items modified n the last few days.  This worked well initially, but now the formatting is not always being applied.  The same text column is updated all the