We currently have too many document repositories that we use for project info. We use Microsoft Groups to to collaborate with internal teams for discussions and other info including have a Group email address we use.


Does SS integrate at all with MS GROUPS?


I know it does with MS TEAMS, but we




I want to send daily remainders of a row to the employee of that perticular row till the status colomn shows finished. The colomn names in my sheet are :


1, start date : system generated date and time( this is not visible in the reminder)

2.end date : we can utilize this based on the status


Not a server guy, so if I use the wrong words please try and understand what I mean above what I say.

Why not have some “mirror servers” in Europe and in Asia so that users in these countries can more rapidly access their workspaces. 



So, we use SS worldwide.  In Russia, China, Japan,




We use Smartsheet for tasks that need to be completed by several people. We currenlty have reminders set up for due dates (both 5 days before due date and past due date). Is there a way to NOT send the reminder if the task has been completed/the 'Date Completed' field has a date in it?