On one project, I must complete multiple tasks as part of a single line item. Each task must be completed on a specific date, and I would like each of these dates to show up in my calendar. I only see the option to use a date range or pick a single date column, this wouldn't work for my scenario. I


I've noticed that utilizing keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) provides the needed copy and paste results between Excel and Smartsheet, while using the Right Click mouse method does not.  Is there a particular reason for this?  Did I miss this instruction somewhere?


Has anyone been experiencing issues with the scheduled delivery of reports since the update 2 weeks ago?

I am tracking 141 individual projects (each project has its own sheet) and have multiple reports scheduled to be sent, each day, to team members. We work on VERY tight schedules.

Everything was


Hi. I am a project manager for a design build company and I am creating a template to use to forcast the labour required on a job that automatically decreases based on the percentage complete.


I am wanting to add a formula to one of my sheets that will automatically populate up to 4 column cells