I would like to be able to have a calculation take place in a report that is based on numbers in cells from two different spreadsheets.  Any ideas?  Not keen on linking for this application as that would require multiple linking of new data, which would have a higher probability of user



A great way to improve your existing features regarding Sync with Google Agenda (or even the regular Agenda view) would be to allow the user to check or uncheck the tasks he wants to be synced, and the ones he doesn't.

I use a lot of titles or categories for my tasks and subtasks but most of the


Smartsheet is great, but requires some basic knowledge in project planning, deliverables, milestones and dependencies. This is not the full PMP training...that's way more than necessary to use Smartsheet. Does anyone know of any good online (or even webinar) training that I could get to my team to


I have a need for users when updating or entering data in a cell in a smartsheet that they must complete some mandatory fields.  A webform has this function, however on existing rows it would be ideal to have users who are given updates or entering in a new row to have to complete some mandatory