I have a sheet, with the Created (Date) column's name changed to Date/Time Requested




When I create a report pointing to the sheet, the Created (Date) column retains the original name.



both in the Report Builder and when adding columns



and the Date/Time Requested column name does not


Hi SS team!


Question for you all.


I have been playing with Gantt chart view and want to know if it can solve this problem (have included a screen shot to help explain).



I want to 'blow up' a day on the gantt chart view and see hourly breakdown. What I want to see is on a specific day which


Hi Smartsheet Community,


We've integrated JIRA into Smartsheet. Our goal is to use Smartsheet to view the high-level roadmap of a project, based on summing the estimates of all tickets in JIRA.


In JIRA, our tickets are estimated in hours. When the workflow is synced via the "Original Time


I am making webform for event sponsorships. I would like the sponsors to select which events they want to sponsor - but each event can only have one sponsor. 


Is there a way to have a dropdown menu that eliminates choices once someone else has selected them?


For instance, if I have sponsor event


Hi Smartsheet Community,


We recently integrated JIRA to Smartsheet and are trying to limit the information that flows into Smartsheet. Our goal is to plan the roadmap based on all incomplete tickets (Issues) in the backlog.


This means that we don't want to see completed/resolved/done tickets in