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Need some help. I'm sure this is a simple formula ... but I'm not Excel (or Smartsheets) savvy enough to figure it out.


I have a DATE column, and I have a FLAG column. If the date entered in the DATE column is more than 7 days in the past, I want the FLAG to appear in the flag


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Now that i have a sheet that completes the sales process from contract through too invoiced/paid. The row needs to go to another sheet, I noticed it leaves the formulas behind and when i send it back to the original sheet I have to re-enter formula in cells


Can i duplicate a sheet so


Set up a set of columns: lead, support and stage. I can get the COUNTIF formula to work for me to count the names of the people assigned in the lead and support columns, but I need help figuring out how to get it to also look at the stage column and NOT count that name if the cell in that column