Hi, Smartsheet friends.  I am new to Smartsheet and am still trying to find my way around.  Is it possible to calculate a formula on one sheet that references data on a separate sheet, like you can in Excel?


I have a master sheet that includes all my data.  I tried to summarize the data using


hello everyone 

i am brand new user in this community trying to familar with this software. so far looks very promising. i have a question like how to make multy forms in one web form like i want to generate form in which in second line there should be multy option to select one and then under neath


Does any know if you can merge two or more cells in the same row across two or more columns?  I want to add a lengthy Confidential and Copyright footer on the bottom of a Smarsheet (within the sheet itself) however at this time all I can do is to paste it into the widest single cell