I have a parent row I just can not get to toal the "Win Ratio" (it is a percent) if there is a ZERO in one of the child rows! It is driving me crazy! 


The colums are:

Phone Calls | Accts Created | Win Ratio


The Daily formula works even when there is a ZERO in it... I am using this:


I would really love to see the indent levels of tasks in report based on a project plan.


Today all tasks are shown left-aligned. With a rising count of tasks, subtasks and subtasks of a subtasks (and so on) it becomes confusing and unreadable. People not as deep into the plan as the project



Is there a way to select multiple items in a dropdown list?  Here is the scenario i am trying to solve for.  A product roadmap project may can be related to multiple products.  I currently have a dropdown list column for products and each row is project.  Currently i can only select one product


Is there a way to create a report that filters the underlying sheet by the user running it?  For example in SharePoint, you can create a view, so that whomever is viewing it will see just their records according to a column by entering a filter in the view setting the column to equal [Me].  Is there


I've created a web form that feeds a very simple tracking sheet. Each week, the person providing the info will submit their data via web form and the information flows to row one of the tracking document.


In a separate sheet, I've created a dashboard that should, in theory, pull the latest data