We've been succesfully using the Android app for about a year. Recently our tablets using restricted user profiles have begun crashing the app upon launch. The admin profile works fine, just the restricted profiles fail. 


Our current app version is

Android version 4.4.2


What I've


Is it possible to add the parent title to the card as well? It would make it a lot clearer which item you are working on when the parent is different but the child is the same.  For example we have a lot of tasks such as:


Design Part 1

       Develop Schematics

       Create BOM




I send out dozens of update requests daily to people and yes some of them slip through the cracks.  This is natural, as many people (myself included) set up filters for their incoming mail and don't always see them in a timely manner.  As such, if I tell people to go through Smartsheet and check