I am running a project where certain tasks are the responsibility of small project teams.

As the teams are flat in hierarchy I would like to assign tasks in my smartsheet to multiple (generally only 2 or 3) people, such that they receive reminders, update requests, notifications etc and can update


We have developed a master process sheet that starts when a client signs a design contract and is completed when the build project is completed.  It is rather long at about 250 tasks! and take between 6-12 to complete. We serve approximately 20 clients at a time in various stages.  We are operating


How do I set up a recurring task for the year?

I have resources who are either booked 1 day a week on a specific recurring task, or who work part-time (e.g. 4 day week) and therefore have a 20% booking per week which is allocated to leave.


How do i manage this? I've checked the "Team Vacation


When I add rows to my smartsheet the flag selector in the flag column isn't avaiable in  the new row. Is there a way to add the flag selector to a cell or have it come along when adding