We have Project State pulldown column that consist of












We also have a %Complete Column.




Is there a way to set the Project State to Complete when the % = 1(100%) and leave it at the current value if the % <> 1? 


If there is a better method or


I would like to sort rows by Status column. Currently I have to click on the dropdown below the column heading , click on sort then click on the way I want to sort. In Excel I can sort by clicking on a column heading if I set it up that way.  Is there a way to sort automatically when the status



My team is using Smartsheet for project management, and I want to know how to update due dates for tasks that are related. For example, if my original due date is 1/1/17, and there are several other tasks that are related to the starting date (edit, layout, print, etc.), if I change the date of




I am trying to print calendars from my sheets without the month headline on the top. I find it to be very confusing as it will not only list the month I am printing, but instead lists the range of months for the first date on the calendar to the last. For example, if I want to print February,


I'm using the SS Jira connector for Jira and have create a template for my team to use.  As part of this template I want to calculate the % completed field based on the task's status (the built in % complete of the gantt project only work at the parent level after manually inputing a value for the