I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I want to control my inventory using a scanning device (maybe an iPhone with an add-on accesory) , how can I connect the information collected from the device to SmartSheet? 


I want to be able to scan a product and add or remove it from


I've been using smartsheets for projects plans for some weeks now and can manage all of the usual functions that I'm used to but I've got a new challenge.


How do i add variable contigency to the duration of a task based on a BRAG status?



In an Agile development environment the first


I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this. I could not find a post addressing my question.


I am creating a sheet to track invoices through a department; receive to payment.


I created a check box column titled 'January - Invoice Received' when the check box is checked i want the next column over


The dropdown search in Appsheet is far better than Excel.  I found that It searches from first  charater to the last.  What should I do If I want to filter out a word in the middle of a name.  Example :-  "Josco Food Industries",  when I type "Food", all names with Food should list.