We are attempting to use Smartsheet to aggregate some of our quality data. Users score customer interactions and will utilize a web form to populate a Smartsheet. The sheet contains formulas that calculate the actual scores (in a few categories). We need a way to get the results to the evaluator


I did a search in the community posts, but was not able to find an answer to my question. Please forgive me if I somehow missed it.


One of the features I sorely miss in Smartsheet versus Excel is "Find" and its companion "Find & Replace". I use them daily in Excel and while I know you can filter




I would like to submit a Smartsheet feature request that will allow users to do a "Multiselect" for a Column type of "Dropdown list".


At the moment the only way I can do something similar is to create multiple checkbox columns, which makes the sheet hard to use due to all the extra columns.