This time last week, my CIO asked me to look into Smartsheet. One week later I have a beta version of a project template containing 6 sheets, 3 reports, and one dashboard. I was surprised how easy it was to develop a pretty solid solution in such short amount of time. The beta version of my project




I have tried to find a solution for one functionality, but nothing is working for me now.


I'm trying to make 3 tasks


Task A - is a task with fixed start and end dates.

Task B - dates taken from A and C like described below

Task C - is a task with fixed start and end dates.


I would like


Ii am trying to set up an It Service Request Tracker that can incorporate the request being sent to specififc individuals for approval.  In other words before a lower level user can submit a request, Mgmt needs to review and approve it.  Can that be