Looking to setup a recurring reminder for every Friday. I do not want to send an update request. I simply want an email sent every Friday to everyone sharing a sheet instructing them to update their tasks before a recurring Monday meeting. The email would contain a link to the sheet, similar


How would you set up a dropdown list that is driven by the selection in a previous list.


Example: column one has ten property's to choose from, column two is a list of locations specific to the property that was chosen in column one. Chosing a different property in column one changes the list to


When I edit a SmartSheet Gantt chart to change the Start of fiscal year to October it works great . . . for me.  However when other users look at it, the change does not apply.  In this example, I share out sheets to users who are not licensed users, so they can not change gantt settings.  How can I


I created a new column "Effort". I want the "Effort" rolled up to the parent. That is not happening.


One of the FAQ states that column must be a dependency column. However, I can only see "Predecessors" and "Duration", when I go to <Project Settings/Dependencies Settings>


One way is to add a