Hi Smartsheet,


it would be great if within the mobile version of Sights the maximum number of widgets shown in a row (side by side) would be changed to 6 as in the desktop layout. Currently it looks like it's being fixed to 5 widgets and the consequence is that - due to responsiveness - the layout




I have loads of sheets in a "project" folder, 1 for each project, which have identical layout (column names etc).

Each sheets has a region field, which is either UK, China, Japan, HK or Multi.


I then have reports which take the relevant information I need from all sheets in the "report"


I'm missing the ability to insert data into Sights based on specific fields or ranges of a report. Currently one can "only" insert a report as a whole.


If you want to show certain fields or ranges like with the metric widget or sheet data widget it is only possible to pick them from sheets, not