Hope this is possible....

I have several projects with team members assigned accross these different projects.


I want to be able to see the total hours each person has been assigned accross all projects. 

See screen image below. "Matt D." is part of a dropdown list of names.


In this case Matt is



So I have Senior developer who has successfully built a sheet in excel that gant charts with a velocity focus.  Now I've been challenged to get this into Smartsheets in a way that shows a gantt chart and allows for overlapping sprints.


So the User Story or logic he wants to use.

I have 9 tasks


1.  I use filtering to hide rows with status <complete>, however when the filter is set, the sorting function is defeated.  To resort, I remove the filter, sort and then reapply the filter.  This is awkward and wastes a lot of keystrokes if done 20x per day.


Another bright idea was to archive the




I am looking for a way to make the % complete on my parent rows reflect only work that takes effort, rather than processes that are just elapsed time.


For background, my group uses smartsheet for project management purposes, but we also use it for billing. Our parent rows in our project


I've created a report to pull data into a smartsheet based on a checkbox field.  The field is called Dashboard and the report criteria searches all smartsheets and work spaces looking for this field and if it's checked it pulls data into the report.  There is one smartsheet that has items that have