Would anyone else find it useful to be able to assign a status of child to a selected number of consecutive columns adjacent to the designated parent? For me this would be useful in quickly hiding and unhiding child columns, and for including child sums in the parent, and for making sure that any


I frequently have a large number of tabs opened.  The dropdown list is not sorted in any meaningful way.  I know I can manually drag and drop things to sort the list but it would be very helpful if there were a way to sort the open tabs by name so I could quickly find an open tab.  Alternatively,


Is there a way to select from a project schedule the next upcoming milestone. I have a flag column identifyng milestones and a  column that calculates for just milestones the number of days between the task finish date and today's date and therfore the lowest value is the next upcoming milesone. I


here is what I see, it only applies to one of my projects and I logged out and logged back in to smartsheet and the problem persists. Causes problems when I want to update values in columns to the right with the input box, for dates for example appears 5 lines above where I am expecting it to