I know several of us use cell linking to creat roll-up reports of our data, but these reports cannot be displayed in a 'Sight', becase they live on a sheet, not on a report. 


Is there a way, or can i recommend a functionality, that allows for a sheet, or part of a sheet to be put into a sight for


We are a firm working on one project in IT.  We understand, after interviewing people in many different departments that other projects will impact our project.  How can we manage this using smartsheet?  Is there a template available for impact/conflict?  Thanks in


We have been using SmartSheet for about 3 years and have recently developed an approach for our project managers using SmartSheet. We are about to roll it out to our staff but have found an intermittent behaviour that is most troubling.


Sometimes, just sometimes, when we insert a new row or add a