I set up a conf room reservation system using a report on top of a smartsheet.  I've shared the URL with end users but sometimes when they follow the link it displays in grid view when I only want it to display in calendar view.  Sometimes its correct and sometimes not which is causing headaches.


Has anyone worked on a SS template for users to request/update new Smartsheets? I could use a standard ITSM ticket tracking system, but I'm leaning toward a webform users fill out to request a new Smartsheet. I could use the functionality of SS to communicate updates, gather requirements, and




I am new to the forum so I apologize if my question is redundant!


I am trying to combine two "If" statements into a single formula.  I need smartsheet to look at two columns (Due Date) and (Project Completed -- checkbox) and determine if a project is late.


I can get each half of the