I'm hoping this is a simple question with a simple answer but when I apply my fiilters to a SS, I need to count up how many rows are left, after I've filtered out the data I don't want. The rows are no longer sequential and are numbered to include the hidden rows and counting the rows manually would


I am trying to build a formula that includes a drop down menu as an option.


This is what I am trying to do ...


=IF([COLUMN1] = "Campus name", then [BUILDING NAME], otherwise "Please select your campus before selecting the building name")


* COLUMN1 would be a drop down menu with campus names



I accidentally zoomed in on my sheet in Firefox, and everything is to big.  I've tried everything over the past month to zoom back out again, but it's not working.  I ahve to keep going to a different browser (Google Chrome) to view it normal.   How do I zoom out in Firefox?


I know there are many advantages to having many small sheets in Smartsheet rather than one large sheet. However, in some cases, it seems easier to manage to track many small, similar projects on the same sheet.


Has anyone had experience with sheets that have a number of rows near or over the