I'd just put in roughly 50 lines of tasks in a new sheet. Hadn't manually saved it, yet. Power blipped out for a few seconds. After everything loaded back up, EVERYTHING was gone from the sheet.


I checked my Personal settings under Account. It was set to auto-save after 3-minutes of inactivity and


I’m currently using this simple IF function (If Team Column equals “Undergraduate Robing”, check the box (formula below) but I need the box checked if the team column equals “Undergraduate Robing" or “Faculty Robing” or “Marshals”.  Is this possible?



Current Formula:  =IF(Team1 = "Undergraduate


I am managing the implementation of Smarsheet for our organization.  I recently created a sheet to 'test' various capabilities and to determine if it might work for sharing specific information needed throughout our organization.  It does; however, now another person (rather than myself) will be