I have a couple of sheets that use hierarchy structure, Multi-level in some cases.  To collapse and expand these is a manual process only, however one of my databases in particular I want collapsed as the default.  The issue comes when I filter on the required column it is great as you can have it


I am trying to build a business case for my company to adopt Smartsheet, do you have something that could help me doing this? Like issues and how Smartsheet addresses them, how it can streamline busniness processes and projects. Benifits, uses, etc.. 


We are in Financial Services and Investments.


Good afternoon,

Is there currently a way to restrict access to a document attached in SS - or is that on the horizon? For our use, most of our documents are able to be viewed by other departments. However, there are certain ones that contain propietary/confidential client information (NOT HIPAA)


So i have been tasked with learning the In's and Out's of smartsheet and to find the best way to utilize all of its tools for our company. we currently do the majority of our work through GP which as an accounting program is great but doesnt have the best project managment capabilities. my Question


I have a file that contains three worksheets. I can upload attachments to any part of two of the worksheets, however one sheet will not allow me to upload attachments. The attacment icon is grayed out.


What might be causing this situation? I am an Editor. Smartcheet is loadeed on Google Chrome.