This post is in regards to this post below.  I would like to get in touch with Jeremy michels to see if he will share the sheets he references with me.
Any help will be appreciated
Thanks so much
Jeremy Michels601 pts
April 5, 2015 8:30 pm

I do the added columns now. We use it


If an Admin shares a webform link with a team member as an Editor who can share, can't they view/access the sheet that populates as people


I have serious problems with delivery of Smartsheet based Web site solution becouse of Smartsheet Privacy Policy sign on Web Form, which is in conflict with our Privacy Policy. 


Any solution to hide it?


s there a guideline available how to prepare our own forms for Smarsheet, if we can not


Our business utilizes Smartsheet in so many ways. One feature that continually wish Smartsheet had is what I call a "Row Summary Document". This feature would essentially mimic the Form builder already contained in Smartsheet, however it would be in reverse. The form would actually be populated



i have this formula for milestones, however I would like to format it so that the "Milestone Count, Milestone Reached, Milestones to Go are all lined up to the left of the cell.  I cannot change the size of the cell as there are multiple tasks in that same column.


="Milestone Count.  .  .  .