I'd like to create a report which returns all rows that have a certain value in column 'Donors' - i.e. we have activities that are funded by one or multiple donors, and I'd like to return all activities that are funded by Donor X. 


Conference one - donor x, y, z

Conference two - donor y, z


New user here.  I have a group of 4 project managers.  I'd like to have a group of contacts that they can access for resource assignment.  They tend to have many of the same resources on their projects and I'd like to avoid each of them having to enter in the same contacts - this creates issues with


I have developed a dashboard sheet that contains data from 3 different  source sheets.  Unfortunately, it requires me to manually input the data.  Is there a way to use a formluain  one sheet that relies on data from another sheet.  I know this can be done in excel, but can't seem to find a solution