I am an MS project user and in that program you could denote unavailable time for resources so when a task assigned to that person fell on an unavailable time period, the start and end dates accomodated for that automatically. Is there a way to do that in SS?


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Does anyone use Smartsheet for Change Management scheduling?  We are in the process of creating a change management committee and are currently housing our Change requests in Lotus Notes Database.... Which is less than desirable.

Trying to see how we could use Smartsheet to accomplish this...


We would really need a feature that allows us to move uploaded files from Smartsheet to Google Drive and have a link to this file in Smartsheet instead.


If Smartsheet is not offering such a functionality might it be possible to find a thirdparty app that offers this?


Any idea would be


We are a construction company using Smartsheet to follow the progress of the construction on site.

Sometimes delays occur due to weather, power, etc.. but not all trades are affected.


We need to be able to visually show to the clients (via a Gantt Chart) the reason (weather, power,etc..), the