I have a sheet with 2500+ rows of data + attachments. I would like to allow a technical group the ability to complete the web form with some criteria and return the rows that have the specific value in it. Ideally this would be a nice report nicluding any attachments.


Can this be done?


The other


I am looking to automatically populate a "STATUS" column with 1 of 5 values based on critera/conditions are outlined below. The key drivers here are the

- [% Complete]

- [Start] Date

- [F/C Finish] Date - this is a column I have set up that uses a formula to predict a Forecast Finish




Is it possible to change the formatting options on the calendar.

When I print the calendar to PDF, the calendar days are light grey and can be hard to see for some employees.  Am I able to adjust the colors, backgrounds, etc. of the calendar view?