I want to create a team directory using the new feature where you can insert an image into a grid layout. 


However, instead of me gathering everything and uploading it myself, I want to send the team a link to a web form and have them put in their own image and info. 


Is this possible?


Is anyone having an issue where lines will mysteriously disappear? I was working on a sheet, went away to another application and when I came back 95 lines were missing. I was lucky and didn't lose too much work as I had just started on the sheet but it could have been worse. I couldn't undo it


Hello all - I am trying to imbed a text string into a formula (using the NETDAYS() function).  The end result would be something similar to: "Number of days between Kick off Meeting and Final submittal is [RESULT]".  I am able to use the formula in a standalone cell with no text. In an adjacent