I have loads of sheets in a "project" folder, 1 for each project, which have identical layout (column names etc).

Each sheets has a region field, which is either UK, China, Japan, HK or Multi.


I then have reports which take the relevant information I need from all sheets in the "report"


I'm missing the ability to insert data into Sights based on specific fields or ranges of a report. Currently one can "only" insert a report as a whole.


If you want to show certain fields or ranges like with the metric widget or sheet data widget it is only possible to pick them from sheets, not


It'd be handy to be able to add a pattern overlay to Gantt bars. Like these:…


The use case for us is that we want to color code our bars for who the'yre assigned to, but be able to label some of those bars as having a "fuzzy"