I have one sheet (that is shared) that automatically scrolls across to the right of the screen as soon as I place my mouse in it.  I can not manually correct it back to centre or to the left of teh screen so i can read the data in it.  My other sheets are not affected, and are working fine. Can you


We have a particular sheet in which we're attaching short audio clips. However, I know that audio can eat up space rather quickly, so I'm wanting to know how much space that particular sheet is using. I've clicked on the properties, but don't see a data total within that area.



Hello Everyone


I am in the process of creating a budget sheet in smartsheet. I need to have a total monthly amounts transfer from google sheets to one cell in smartsheet. Also, when data is updated in google sheets also will update in smartsheets.


Try to get a link for one cell but I can't find