Hi Team,


We would love to be able to publish sights!  This would be an amazing feature for us. We work closely with partners and leverage smartsheet to do so and often use the publish feature. We are working with sights more and more and would love to be able to leverage those with our patners!


Is there any way to create sections within reports that have their own column headings?


I want to combine two reports with mostly different fields into a single report to send to management.

Using the standard report layout, I end up with a bunch of blank cells and long narrow columns.

If there is


Hey everyone!

I have a project which has the obvious "start" and "end" date columns and Smartsheet automatically calculates the actvity duration. Is there a formula or something which will calculate and display "elapsed" time from start based on the current date?


Steve Stutz


Hi, hope someone can help me.


I am using smartshheet as an internal onboarding process. This process requires me to collect data from 2 webforms entry for same client that autofills 2 different smartsheets, one smartsheet with about 20 colums and other with about 35 columns, OR a single webform to