I am fairly new to smartsheet and wanted to know if it was possible to automatically add a set list of tasks/ indented rows to a row that had been added via web form?


I review sets of data that are submitted by multiple business unit and partner companies.

The form this takes in always the


I have been testing the SmartSheet calendar sync with a test Google account.  Now I want to change that Google account and use a different one to sync that calendar.  When I turn off calendar syncing in my SmartSheet, and then turn it back on, I'm not prompted to enter the Google account to use, as


Was wondering if its possible to create an online sheet for my clients to be able to get Status updates?

Ideally I would want them to go to an online sheet and put in their Invoice number and it will tell where their job is at (With Designer, Proof Sent, At the printer, Completed etc.)

Does anyone


I need help with a formula. I have 3 date columns. If there's a date in datecol1, and a date in datecol2, and either a date or NA in datecol3, then enter 1 in col 4. I am not a programmer, but can usually figure it out. Not this time! This is what is in col 4 cell, but I get Unparseable.