Dear All,


Im a new user of smart sheet and i used dureing several years MS project.

I would like to know if we can make report cash flow on smart sheet?

If yes what are the step to do it.

Using a schedule without cash flow or cost report doesnt make any sens to me.

If i can't do it i will go back


I have four columns, A, B, C, and D. If the entry in column A is "NO", the I want columns B, C, and D (within the same row) to be blacked out.


The only way I can see being able to do this is to put a rule in for each column.  Is it (would it) be possible to check multiple columns in the selection



I’m simply looking to navigate around the projects I currently have, as quickly as possible, to focus on the issues I would like to address with my staff.  The challenge with the reports feature is it completely removes the indenting/nesting of rows, which as a result only causes more confusion.


I understand that 'auto-saving' occurs after a period of inactivity and when  I switch sheets. Is it possible to have the sheet auto save after every change, or after a set amount of time (like 10 minutes), instead of reminding me every 10 minutes that I haven't saved? I've been working for a couple