How can I create a formula from two columns that will result in pulling in the value from a third column?


Column1 (text) = Column4

Column2 (text) = 3

Column3 (date) = Column1 + Column2


Ideal Column3 result = [Column4]3



Please let me know if I can clarify anything, it is a little confusing.




I want to send a custom email with data of a row when some of its cells are updated. 

The recipient of the email is in a column of the row.


I try to do it with Zapier using the "Updated row" trigger but it seems that the data sent to Zapier is all the sheet and not only the row.


Has anyone



Is this planned to implement as a new feature that sending an update request automatically when certain conditions met? For example, I need to send update requests to next approver for rows that checked as "Approved" by previous approver. Columns should be selectable when setting up the update


Smart Sheet has proven to be an amazing tool. In using it, I have built several reports that are starting to take up too much space on my display. Some of these reports are very similar (Quarterly reports, for example, are taking up four tabs per year) and I want to consolidate them into one tab.