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I am new to Smartsheet and am just learning all the features it has to offer. I was wondering if it is possible to export a fiiltered grid view Smartsheet into Outlook 2013. Currently, i am able to export the entire Smartsheet to Outlook, but I want it to be tailored to only include


Hi there,


I have a large Smartsheet document that I would like to export to a PDF. While I can export it under the card view, regular view, and gantt chart view, I cannot export it with the monthly calendar view. Is it possible to export the monthly calendar view into a PDF or Excel sheet?




Hi, I have a question regarding using formulas and drop down menus.


Similar to an FMEA, I want to have dropdown menus (High, Med, Low) for the severity, occurrance and detectibility. Then I want to have a formula that produeces a RPN (Risk Priority Number) by assigning the value 10 to High, 7 to