I would like to sum up the hours of a job according to what job number it has. This is going to be used as a Time Sheet. Therefore, mass amounts of entries are going to be sent to this report. I would like it to automatically sort the information and then sum up the hours of multiple cells that have


I searched Help and the Community for "unique value" and did not find anything. 


Is there a way for a field in a sheet to be unique?


For example, I want the Document ID column to be unique. Let's say I do not want to use the Auto Number property. Is there a way to ensure that all values are


Hi all,

I have been having issues viewing live webinars since the switch to the "GoToWebinar" format.

I click the "join webinar" link that I receive via email and am brought to the webinar landing page.

I can hear the audio (in real time) perfectly  but my screen never refreshes so I miss out on the