Is there a way to send an email containing the data from a row automatically based on the value in a cell?  For example if they choose "Accounting" from a dropdown list or contact list in the "Department" column in row 1, then it would email the data from row 1 to the address on file for the


We are creating a web form to track business development possibilities. Other than adding a "Your Name" field to our web form, is there a way to see who submitted the form?


On a current smartsheet where we are using a web form, I can right-click to view history, but it shows only "web form user".


I was wondering if there was any way of automatically moving rows of information depending on information found in a specific column. For example. I have one sheet that lists tasks that have been done by employees and the job number that they were working on (i.e. 165-07). I also have other sheets