I am having serious difficulty printing a Gantt view. 


Despite following advice from Smartsheet, I cannot get the option to select specific rows, so it constantly prints hundreds of rows. 


Also despite selecting 'Fit to page' etc it will not print on one page (even A3) without making it so small


It would be great to have the hyperlink feature not just be limited to web sites.


If I could put a link to a file located on my network, I could then send a notification or send a row and the email that would be delivered would allow me to click on that link to open the file or network location


I'm trying to calculate networkdays from system generated date created. I used the dateonly to pull the date out of the system date created but it seems to be rounding up at some designated time of the day which causes all concurrent formulas to be


Back with (what I believe to be) another obscure question that I don't know how to search for nor find an answer to. I'm attempting to work around the issue of not being able to have more than two dates in a row - we run news stories to multiple audiences so would prefer to have one row for each


I have set up a formula that works very well however it isn't taking into account new entries added to my sheet. For example my formula is on Row 1 under the column 'total' I then have other information in rows 2-15 so therefore my formula on Row 1 starts from row 16 to give me the total I want into