As a construction PM, one of the functions I use most with SS is the Gantt style programming. I have multiple crews on the same project/in the same sheet, but the issue I have is they each have a different working schedule - for example night shift is Sunday to Thursday night, day shift is


Hi Smartsheet community! I realize there is a help area for this but I have looked ... read.. googled.. till I'm blue. So this is new and I thought in this NEW COMMUNITY maybe I could shout out for some help. I am trying to do a formula so that the smartsheet can look at a month ( column ) and then




Ive got to admit that I am new to this concept. I need to figure out how to set up resourcing in my organization. 


It means that 12 teams who manage multiple project must also resource their work based on their team members allocation to that team.

At any given time I need to see what