I've been trying to understand a problem I'm having with two of my largest Smartsheets. If I move a row up or down or insert or delete a row, especially near the top of the sheet, the Save process will apparently corrupt formulas here and there in my sheet with no warning or error message given.


I understand that date formatting is normally set in "Personal Settings" but in order for the SmartSheet Merge to work for a problem I'm trying to solve, I need to convert the date to the long form (February 11th, 2016 instead of 11/02/16.


Is there a script or IF statement that I could use to make


Is there a way to have a smartsheet highlight only those changes that have been made in the last n hours?


I look for changes to one of our smartsheets every morning and copy them to another file.  We have yellow change highlights turned on but I'm finding that they can remain there for days,


Hi all, long-time listener, first-time caller.

I have been tasked with discovering a way that a sheet owner can control updates being made to a shared sheet through some form of 'approval' feature or process.


My scenario is this: there is a master sheet displaying all approved, company-wide


Hi all.


Last week I added row and entered a date in one cell, using the smartsheet app on my android tablet. I got the usual "Changes to XXX" email and it shows the correct date on the new row, 11/02/16. However, when I looked at the sheet today it shows 09/02/NaN. I was relying on this date to