I am a 76 year old retired IT Journalist and want to use the free version to prepare gantt charts for our holidays.



Will the free version be sufficient for this fairly simple application?




Here is the scenario - I send a user an update request and they update the row.  If they want to go back and update again, they get the message that states the one-time request has been updated and they cannot update again.  I want to customize that message.  Is  that possible?


Hi folks - can anyone tell me how I can have a combination of start/end dates that have standard work week durations (Monday thru Friday) as well as efforts that take weekends into consideration (all calendar days)?


I know how to make the Gantt dependencies reflect one or the other but cannot




Would it be possible to have a Kanban view of the projects I have setup? It could be organized easily by have a collumn with the different Kanban collumns as menu items in a dropdown menu. Then, when entering Kanban view all tasks displays as items in the Kanban collumn they belong to. This