I want to create new sheets from CSV or excel data to create a new Smartsheet chart with a project layout and then create a gantt chart.


I can achieve all that but the column for Duration insists on creating a "Drop Down List" type which I have to manualy convert to "Text/Number" before turning on


I don't know about you, but I'm constantly being asked about speeding up our projects.  Yet, Smartsheet actually hinders my ability to expedite projects.  


Before Smartsheet, one important method I used in MS Project was the following:

1) Filter to show only tasks on the critical path.  (This


This did not seem to be covered and I'm hoping to find a formula without adding extra columns to my sheet.


Curently I have a secondary column separately maintained which lists months and I Sumif by this secondary "month" column.  I would like to Sumif based on date ranges.  Not simply from today()


Hi all,


i have checked almost every single discussions, but still looking for my solution:

Case: building houses with 6 payment steps from our customers (revenue), and consider 6-8 payment steps for our contractors (cost)

Note: this part we are able to do



1.) finally have a mastersheet with