I have sheets that vary in size but most lean to the larger size due to the amount of formulas in the sheet. I am looking to see if on average people are choosing to have more sheets and less size or less sheets and fill the sheets to the top. I have done alot of work to all of my sheets and some


One of the things that we have done as of late to speed the ability to work in the sheet and for people to move about in the sheet is hyperlink your sub sheets to your master sheet. The Hyperlink creates a fast way to go to anothe sheet without closing the main sheet. If you have you settings


I keep track of about 40 active projects in our company. Among other things, I keep one Smartsheet on each project that shows the hours worked by several different functional areas on a week-by-week basis. I only want to put the current week's hours into the project history row for the current week