Is there a way to add info to the sheet that would show outside the cells?  i.e. carve out a space in the upper left part of the sheet to identify some items without them being in a row or column? Or if the upper left cell could be expanded AND formatted to add infor I'd want to see each time I open




Is there a way to condtionally format dates in the past based on other dates in the past?  For example, we are transitioning our project schedule from excel to smartsheet.  We have dates in the past as shown below.  In excel they are conditionally formatted to turn red if the Actual


This could be a 'newbie' problem, but we'll see:


When I export a Gantt chart to a PDF, the start, finish, and duration columns do not appear, even though they are clearly visible when I look at the sheet on the screen.  I can look at the lines on the chart itself, but sometimes it's easier just to