It would be helpful if you could scroll through the Gantt view of a report, separately from the Task view, when looking at a report that is embedded within a Dashboard.  Today, there is only a single horizontal scrollbar and you can quickly lose sight of the associated tasks as you scroll to the


I'm terrible with formulas! What would my formula look like to do the following:

I have a listing of open action items, each with an attached target due date. I need the RYG overall project status balls to update automatically. Green if no action items are past due, according to the target date


How do I add an OR to the expression and logic:

="Resource: " + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status1:Status17), "Terminal Updated") + " of " + COUNT(CHILDREN(Status1:Status17))

I want to add both Terminal Updated and Terminal Replacement to the count.


Any help greatly


Hey Guys,

I started to use the JIRA connector for Smartsheet and run into some basic issues while creating the workflow.

Idea here is I want to create the Jira tickets (Epic, Story, Sub-tasks, Bugs) from Smartsheet but need 2-way sync to keep updated everything on both the places.

Query 1: during


I am trying to get a summary of duration for a particular resource within a particular month in smartsheet. This is unfortunately so that I can then input the hours into a custom ERP that lacks any intuitiveness. How could I do this? 

Here is an example


Resource .  Duration . Start Dates, End