We currently use a portfolio sheet that tracks our pipeline of clients and organizes them by stages. We love this sheet as it provides us with very useful management level information.  However, it does not allows us to manage the "work".  It just gives us an overview - which is the intention.  





I would like to know where I can go to make edits to some of the ranges I created.  Normally, I can see the ranges I have created by just clicking on the cell once (rather than double-clicking to edit), but my formula is too long and it pushes the range links off the page.  Please see


We have created some filters in our production sheet but when we remove the filter the data does not return to its original order in the sheet.  is there something we need to do or something we are missing to prevent this from happening?


I am trying to figure out how to sent an absolute end date to my project & then if any predecessors take longer than the original duration, & now the overall project timeline can't meet that date, it doesn't change the absolute end date....if makes you less duration of remaining tasks.

Also, how do