Hi All 

I know how to lock a row when a certain condition (or a set thereof) is met. But is there a way that when a row gets auto-locked, all its child-rows also get locked automatically?

In other words, some kind of inheritance mechanism. 

Thanks in advance!


I am using a this Vlookup formula =VLOOKUP([Capex APR# / Opex WBS]1, {array}, 4, false)

This formula works ok and looks at data in the one sheet  {array}

due to the amount of data, two sheets are now required to be looked at by the formula how do I do this?


Is there yet a way to send a notification (alert) email to a group of people and not several individual emails?  We used to "send" rows to a SmartSheet group but now you can only do that if you are a Smartsheet owner.  We want to be able to discuss a row via email.