I have a set of a set of data that I am trying to do a SUMIF formula on and am having difficulty finding the correct formula, Essentially I have 3 columns. 

Project Quarter


Sample Size

I am trying to sumif the Sample Size column range if the criterian is met for a specific project


Hi Team,

We love the features of Smartsheet. But to make it more effective and have a bigger user base, this Product feature is definitely needed. 

For instance, I need to export the results of a Filtered report to a Power BI Dashboard. I have the necessary connectors. But there is no way I can just


We are using our sheets for sidewalk repairs. An inspector in the field will open the form in the field, on his phone, fill out the basic information (type of work, address). The sheet will auto-populate the date, but I also want it to auto-populate the location. I was thinking if he were to take a


Hi all, 

I'm fairly new to smartsheet (with no Excel experience either). Here's my situation. 

I'm tracking POs-- first, you enter in a PO amount, and in subsequent columns what you invoice per-month. There's a final "Totals" column that sums up your monthly invoices. 

Currently, I have a hidden