I'm new to SS. This is my first project. I have an audit process I am building for a customer. There are 5 separate forms needed for the audit process. I originally had all 5 forms feeding the same sheet but with over 100+ columns for each audit, I went crazy scrolling left to right looking for the


I want to save previously entered text so that when I come to type in another Smartsheet cell it comes up with the text automatically.  Excel does this (see below) but not sure how to do this on a Smartsheet.

The image below shows that in excel when I type the first entry, when I come to enter it


Hello all

I am using forms to collect data, and every time a form is submitted i want to send an alert automatically to the person who submitted the data, confirming their submission.

the email must only go to the person who submitted the data, and will be one of circa 150 users will be submitting


Hello, everyone -

I'd really appreciate some help writing a conditional formula for a field entitled "Aging Type".

There are 4 valid values for the field -

Waiting on Approval

Waiting on RFx

Waiting on PO

Waiting on Payment

Waiting on COP

The values are based on seven columns -

ECM/IM Approved

RFx #