How can I convert the 1-5 Stars Symbol into a number using one formula. I have one column Stars and the one with number should be Rating.

I also don't know why they chose to have it convert in Excel to Empty, One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Why not numbers?

Thanks for any help.


I have a "Master" sheet with incremental rows in groups of 16.

So  Task Name column has Row1toRow16, Row17to33 with the same headings.(SEE PIC 1)

I pull info out of this sheet to other sheets.

So on another sheet I just want Row1,Row17,Row34 etc entered in. (SEE PIC 2)

I have the first one linked to


In creating a safety sheet for my company, I am trying to determine the top 3 subcontractors with the highest number of infractions.  Is there a formula that can determine the top 3, when the sheet has a format like the following:

Sub x - 4

Sub y - 3

Sub z - 9

Sub w - 6

Sub v - 11

Sub t - 1

Sub u -


Hi, I am still in the beginning stages.

In calendar view, I seem to be missing some data from my sheets.

One of my sheets has all data showing on calendar view, another has half and yet another has none.

I assume it's something I'm doing wrong---but what exactly