Current project settings allow to set-up working/non-working days and length of day in hours globally per project (see screenshot)

We have teams from different continents and countries (US, India, China, Germany etc) working on the same project. It would be good to have an ability to set-up



I have an automated flow with a status and want to record the # of times an operator changes a task to "for review" (which automatically notifies the review) and it goes back to "to do" because the reviewer doesn't accept the task as submitted.

I looked at an IF function to write YES or NO to a


Hi everyone!. I´m from Argentina and 1)thanks for helping :)  2)sorry for my english! :(

I need to learn how to use a logical formula in SHEET A to copy an entire line to SHEET B, if one of the columns of the line to be copied has a "R" status ("R" from "restriction" that line has)

When entire line


I would like to round the result of this formula.

=(ROUND(SUM([KR1 Calc]7, [KR2 Calc]7, [KR3 Calc]7, [KR4 Calc]7, [KR5 Calc]7)) / 3 + "%")

KR1 Calc]7 = 0

[KR2 Calc]7 = 100

[KR3 Calc]7 = 100

[KR4 Calc]7 = 0

[KR5 Calc]7 = 0

Currently returning  = 66.66667%

I would like to round this to = 67%


I am trying to find a solution...I have tasks related to confidential legal matters that are in a smartsheet. As I am breaking those matters down into tasks within the smartsheet there are some tasks that are not confidential and I need my administrative assistant to complete them without being