I am attempting to write an IF statement with the result being that the "Pilot Status" cell will have one of the symbols in it.

I have formatted the field to show symbols, and I've written the formula to use the representative words, but i'm still only seeing the word show up in the field.  HELP



I'm trying to get the number of checkboxes that are checked in a given column (more precisely, A10 - Transcode colum) without using another column to do so (in this case, Valeur A10 - Transcode column which displays ''1'' when a box is checked and ''0'' when it's not the case).

As you can see


Good day,

If someone could please assist.

I'm looking for a formula that counts my "wayleave" days starting from since the "wayleaves have been submitted, and stops the count as soon as the Actual Finish date is entered for the "Wayleave".

Ps. Should also be "NETWORKDAYS".

Example Columns:




I am currently running reports which summarise an individual's outstanding actions across different smartsheets. The idea is that they can update the report rather than having to look at multiple reports however when trying to add in comments they cant - am I correct in thinking that they can


I am using an IF statement to display the month but when I don't have a date the column is displaying #INVALID DATA TYPE.  I understand why this is happening but I don't know if I can also incorporate the use of an IFERROR statement nested. What is the correct way to eliminate the #INVALID DATA