We have lots of alerts/actions/notification rules setup across lots of sheets.  When I delete a user due to employee termination, then I get this message:

"Invalid recipients in Alerts and Actions rule"

I don't want to have to dig through dozens of sheets to remove the people, how can I do this on a


If I have a section with three rows underneath my heading, I'm able to easily use a formula to show the count of tasks completed/responded to out of my total number:

="Introduction: " + COUNT(Response4:Response6) + " of " + COUNT(CHILDREN())

However, if I have a section with multiple sub-sections,


When viewing by a category in card view (think color), it places the number of items in that column in parenthesis next to the column title. All of the "blue" items are in the column and the column header is "Blue (22)", the next would be "Red (12)" and so on.

Is it possible to get that number for