One of our teams is using Smartsheet for team calendars, tracking things like time off, travel, working from home days, etc.  Key notification criteria is based on start and/or end dates.

Currently, their notification is setup to trigger when the start date is today. This doesn't catch when


Hi SS Community! 


Had a complicated question and my formula keeps coming back unparseable, so I wanted to run this by you and see if anybody could help me. 

Currently, I have this: 

=IF(AND([Start Date]@row < (TODAY() + 14)), NOT(OR([Status]@row)="Complete"), ([Status]@row)= "In Progress"),"On


I am wanting to create an approval workflow that requires different levels of approval. The number of levels depends on where the request is coming from. As an example request comes in that requires Director, VP, and CEO approval to proceed, but I do not want the next level to see a request that was


For our smartsheet we keep track of vehicles that are or are not repaired. To keep track of how many "open claims" we have I am trying to count how many blank cells we have in the column that signifies if something is complete, but when I try to just count those cells it counts the automatic


I just started using Smartsheet and I was wondering if someone could help me. I want to basically calculate the % complete, as the dependency setting does for you automatically.  

However since I entered a formula in my % complete column (if status is "done" then automatically give 100%, if status



In a Contact Column, and in a ancestor/child relationship, I would like for parent rows to summarize/list all persons in the child tasks.  Is Smartsheet able to perform this action?


If the child records list:

  • John D
  • Claire H
  • Emily G

I want the parent to show:

  • John D, Claire H, Emily