I am trying to create a formula that assigns "Yes" to a cell if a result is within range and "No" if it is not.  This formula worked for only one of the columns in the range:

=IF([High Control Result]1 > [High Control Range Minimum]1, "Yes", "No")

I tried to use AND without success:

These formulas


Dear All,

I have a quite a large program plan. To have a level one plan, I have a column with a check box to indicate what needs to be shown in the Level 1 plan.

On filtering the Checkbox the Gnatt Chart view shows the dependency links, however when I export the same to PDF view the dependency links


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I am trying to create a formula that essentially does a planned budget value - actual budget value to get the "budget variance" but only if there is a number in the actual budget field. Any suggestions? Right now it is only:

=[Budget Planned]26 - [Budget Actual]26


But when we