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I post a problem 2 days ago 

some response but still doesn t work, new to smartsheet but my work is blocke now



Hello @Craig and other Helpers

i experiment the same issue than other

sorry for my english but i m french

i copy your formula below and try to adapt with "laserjet" type

i want to


I have a series of sub-tasks in minutes and hours but then the summary task shows the duration in days. It is frustrating to not be able to change that, is it possible or could that ability be added to change the duration display in summary tasks?


Thank you,

- Blake


I could not find the equivalent to a define named cell in smartsheet, the closest I find is refer in my formula as $[column]$row and that is clumsy when i want to xxx * $[column]$row.  When in MS Excel i can just xxx * rates where rates is $[column]$row

Did i miss it in my search for smartsheet