Good morning, we have a sheet we are using to track leads. I've been asked to set up an automated update request to send leads that have a certain status out on the first business day of each month. 

In the automated actions, there is no way to set a recurring update request like there is on the


Is there a way to use the MONTH function with COLLECT to, say, find the highest date in a column that is in the month of October? Basically, to simplify a formula like this:

=MAX(COLLECT([Due Date]:[Due Date], [Due Date]:[Due Date], >=DATE(2018, 10, 1), [Due Date]:[Due Date], <=DATE(2018, 10, 31)))


I noticed that Smartsheet is further considering task duration it it's resource planning, even the task is already completed. I would have expected, as soon a task is completed, the duration of the task will not longer be considered in the resource management planning. 

Any recommendation or