Hello all! I am brand new and have no idea what I'm doing yet. lol!


I was wondering, is there a setting that will label colums like in Excel (A,B,C etc). I can't tell if a column is hidden just by looking at it. 


Thanks in advance for your help!




Hello, I am looking for instructions on how to get smartsheet to backdate.

For example, I have a due date for a project and I want it to create auto create internal dates based off that. 

Essentially the end of the project drives the internal deadlines. 

I am set up to know how long each step takes


Hi All,

Trying to figure out why I'm getting the Incorrect Argument Set with the following formula. Works fine with most rows, but gives the incorrect argument set when the Date Requested By School is less than or equal to 14. I tried adding that in to one of those rows, thinking it was missing a


Hello community!

    I am looking for a seemingly easy solution which I can't find. While the workflow automation helps in many ways, the "actions" available seem to be greatly lacking. For example in google sheets + scripts + triggers, I can have a cell update based on a formula from a time driven