I'm almost certain that there is no solution to this situation, however, here goes.  I have a workspace with approximately 35 project sheets.  Each project has approximately 50 tasks and each has a schedule status in a "Schedule" column.  I want to be able to count these tasks based on their stats


There is a smartsheet template set in the solution center called New Employee Onboarding. 

In the sheet "30 Day Employee Onboarding Sheet" the tasks are organized by Week and By Day. The formulas for counting Completed: # of # are working for each day, but the Cells that have a Weekly Total are not


Is there a way to receive seperate notifications when a row is added or changed?

It seems like they come in batches via email but I only would like to see one (line) per email.

Attached is a snippet of what I am getting. As you can see, it shows TWO lines when I only want to see ONE at a