I am relatively new to Smartsheet and am interested in hearing how folks are utilizing Smartsheet’s Meeting Management template set. My organization is looking at potentially using the meeting management template for our meeting agendas and minutes but are running into a few snags.

We are


I want to see how many tasks each project I have are upcoming in the next 90 days. I can run a report to see this information, but I want to be able to display it in an easy to read chart with each project showing how many tasks they have. See attached example.

I built the attached chart by running



i have a excel sheet that has the formula of



I am trying to do the same formula in smartsheets. This is what I have:

=COUNTIFS({Alerts Range 1}, >[Column13]4, {Alerts Range 1}, <[Column14]4, {Alerts Range 2},


I am creating a Status field using IF function.  I'm trying to look at a check-box field and return  "status" (ex. "Tooling Complete") if the box is checked.  I've tried IF(NOT(ISBLANK(... but a check-box formatted field seems to register as not-blank whether it is checked or unchecked.




We have created a smartsheet for all our tradeshows.  I would like to share certain columns in that sheet with our customer when a show is created and hide ones that we use for our internal info only.  I know we can uncheck columns we do not want when we share in an email but with so many events we


I am using automation for one of our request approval processes, and need to be able to notify our help desk support team anytime the Completion Date column is updated with a date.

I know how to do this, however, I can't figure out how to prevent the notification email from grouping multiple