I've been able to successfully use join and collect function with 1 criteria, but not two and am also curious if I can have the results within a cell space to look like Ctrl+Enter was used after each one to be able to easily read through all of the results. 

Working formula with 1 criteria:


I am having issues developing a formula for a drop-down list/ Assigned to.  The goal is when some select one of the departments (attached image). Then in the same row in the Assign To column will populate the right contact for that department. In some departments, there will be multiple contacts and


I would like to add a check for blanks in the following formula using 2 date columns.  My current formula is returning a "yes" when there are blank cells.  I am using this for a KPI metric.

=IF([KPI | Actual Sizing Completion]7 <= [KPI | Target Sizing Completion]7, "yes", "no")

I have tried numerous