I am trying to count the cells that are not blank based on a repetitive criterion

I have this formula

= count ([Find # 1]: [Find # 8], [Line / Area]: [Line / Area], "40100"

It is not accepted to place a criterion on this count, how can I do it?


I created a Sheet Summary Report, and have found that the fields within the report are not editable, unlike a Row Report.  In a Row Report, I can click into the cell directly within the report and update it.  On my Sheet Summary Report, the cells in report are locked down and uneditable. 

Am I


Hello all - 

I am building a dashboard and wanted to include a few charts. However, my charts come up fuzzy, regardless of size. 

See below. These are pretty nicely sized on my dashboard and still showing blurry. I saw from a post in Nov 2018 this was a known issue.

Anyone else have this issue? Any


Hi, how do I save data in a sheet to retain for a trend chart? I have a burndown sheet that I've built a line chart to display on a dashboard. I'm able to get the data, however, due to the Today() function, it will only pull the data on that day and as the day passes, it wipes the data. 

I've had to


I'm looking to put a formula together that will look at the values of one column and then grab the count in a corresponding and return the total value as they match.


I have a formula sheet that pulls in project phases and the number of risks by priority for each project. What I'm looking to


The new policy has change the rules, Free Users are no more able to send line of a Sheet .  There are some Workspaces where you can ten or more free user who need that to share.

And 120€/users is to expansive now to do it.

I send 2 requests to Smartsheet. 

Support Case Number: 03599177 Support Case