Good afternoon Smartsheeters ;)

I am only new to Smartsheet and have started working on some existing docs.

We have a very clunky and manual way of applying a designated PRIORITY number.  When the sheet for each project/group of projects is first started, its easy - everything is labelled from


I would like to send out a weekly update request for all "not done" tasks in a sheet, to all the users in the "assigned to" field.  I can see how to easily do this with a workflow, but its sending all the "not done" tasks to the users.  I want it to send only the task update requests for the tasks


I want to set up a notification to begin a task when the predecessors of the task are completed. The tasks in question have two predecessors each and I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to have the completion of those predecessors trigger an alert to the people assigned to the tasks so that


We have a number of User Groups.. some users overlap groups, as many of us wear a few hats. I'd like to build reports that run through the "ZZZ Workgroup" and look for lines that are assigned to anyone in "Group AAA." Perhaps also reports that pertain to "Group BBB" and "Group CCC"

Yes, I could