Is there any way you can advise of a formula where I can set something up that picks a date in a column and I set a specified number of working days which yields the final date.

So if I have a cell with a date of 10/09/19 and the working days I want to set is 14, what would the formula be like?


Apologies in advance if this has been answered before - and I imagine it must have been since it seems a very obvious and primary requirement for managing projects in a business. Still, for something this fundamental I just can't understand why I can't see anything in the solutions centre or a


Project Sheet 1 and Project Sheet 2 have detailed data.

Sheet_report_summary pulls the "Sheet Summary" data (icon in the right pane) for executive summary.

In our engineering meetings, we drill down into the details of each sheet. 

Can I show the "sheet summary" data on the sheet itself? For


Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to create a report that shows the image of the attachments? We have a quality control sheet that new items get added through a form along with a picture. I would like to create a report that can show the picture next to the fields associated the punch list item.



Using my data set, I would like to know by region the number of multi-year reporters and new reporters (2018). I will count either status as an active reporters. 

Ex. Africa= total 2 active reporters

-Ghana: Multi-Year Reporter

-South Africa: New-Reporter

-Nigeria: Did not report

The following