Ability to require text input into a column for approval requests. This would allow the approver to explain the reason for approval or decline.

Right now I have an update request based on the approval column, but this requires 2 separate emails. I can use a dropdown with an update request and lock


Is there no way to create a report pulling off someone in a column's contact list without actually having an instance of that contact being mentioned in the source sheet?

For example, sheet ABC has an "Assigned To" contact list column that includes "Bob". However, Bob does not actually have any


Hey, folks, I am using a sheet to calculate the quarter based on a date field.

=ROUND(MONTH([EST Close Dates]1) / 3, 0)


However, with no ROUNDUP function, the calculation technically doesn't = the correct values in some cases. For example months Jan - Mar should display 1 however Jan displays 0