hey crew. 

So I am trying to notify customers when somthing in a certain cell in their row changes.

So I created a column where I can put in email address of the customer. Then I made the alert that anytime that column changes that the customers email would be notifed. Well, I used my email as a


I have a scenario where I want to transfer sheets from "Company A"  to "Company B" where both companies have their own multi-user plans.  


Specific Scenario

  • "Sheet A" created/owned by "user A" in the "Company A" plan and thus stored within the "Company A" plan structure.
  • "Company B" has their own


I am looking for a formula that when I checkmark a box (to show a task completed) the column next to the checkmark will auto populate the date the box was checkmarked. I also want it to stay that date unless that row or checkbox is modified/unchecked.  

I got as far as the date populating but the


A while back I stopped receiving notifications from work regarding my worked hours. Neither me or my boss has been able to solve the issue. It seems that I am no longer subscribed to receive them. If I unsubscribed I am unaware that I did. I need to fix this to avoid having to sit down every week