I’m trying to create a roll up for multiple resources across multiple sheets. I would like to have data roll up like how it looks in the Resource Allocation, but I’d like to view allocations in hours rather than percentages.

I've attached an example of a project schedule in SmartSheet that we


We're new to Smartsheet and our web and content team are going to have multiple tasks that are going to be repeated again and again. We're going to create a checklist of steps for each one, for example, steps for creating an e-book.  Since we're going to be creating lots and lots of e-books, should


Below is a screenshot of the sheet that I am trying to create a formula on. 

What we need is a formula that will calculate the Quantity x Unit Price + Extra Charges = Total Price. BUT we only need this calculation if Fixed Quote $ is blank. If Fixed Quote $ IS populated then we need that value to