Is there a way to auto group cells that are the same, and add a count of them next to the parent cell? For example, I have a sheet that looks like the first screenshot (ex1), it's a list of SKUs within a program and a project. I want to group all SKUs within the same program/project and count the




We have a sheet where we keep track of current statuses of our clients and this act as a mini project management tool for our clients. 


Each client is in a row and the stages are indented underneath. We would like to create an alert to notify specific persons everytime a new client is added,


Hi, I'm sure there is a quite dimple solution to the this, but I am having trouble.

I want to count the number of rows assigned to each contact, and I used the formula below:

=COUNTIF(Assigned Work:Assigned Worker, "contactname")

The formula returns the error #UNPARSEBALE

How can I fix




I am looking to do a nested if so if a value is x y is returned, see below details-;


  • IF COM = A
  • IF CR = B
  • IF HAR = C
  • IF ARF = D
  • IF AR = E
  • IF PSRF = F
  • IF PSR = G
  • IF 2020 PSR = L

I am having an issue with the below formula's (whichever way round I put it):


=IF(Type117 = "PSR", "G",


The reason we decided to use Smartsheet is because there is some information my colleague and I need to share with each other (for instance contact names, emails, and renewal dates), but other information is purely of interest to one of us and not the other.

I had the idea to create a filter for



I am using curl with REST to access Smartshets in my C# running on WIN CE. My application is supposed to dump some data on smartsheet periodically.

Before I write to a sheet, I would like to know the total row count in the sheet so that I don't exceed 5000 rows per sheet.

I am looking for an API