Good evening,

I will try and explain this without messing up

  • We are using smartsheet to track fabrication of product
  • each row is an item we fabricate
  • each item has a budgeted amount of time per task designated in a column
  • they are python, fit up , weld, unload, and admin
  • the sum of alloted time is


I am having #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error message with this COUNTIFS. Please help. 

I am trying to Count Client Name column if both criteria are met. 

1) Client Experience Manager = "value"

2) Terminated checkbox not CHECKED


=COUNTIFS({Client Name}, {Client Experience Manager}, "Joe Smith",


I really am not a fan of everything being on the left, but in "trying" to get use to the new layout I have yet to find a way to close the current sheet. 

I don't want to click on a new sheet just for the current sheet to fall to recent  (too many already sit in there now), but I want it to close.


Can't figure out how to use 3 columns for a staked bar chart in Smartsheet. 

Please see attachment. For example, I'd like one column to show all costs for January, with Amy and Joe's costs would be broken out by color. Is this possible? If yes, could you please explain directions?

I can only figure