We have an order intake sheet that has an "Order Date" column and a Status Column. One of the ten selectable statues is "Complete"

What is the formula that I can use in a flag column to say - Flag any with an Order date 6 WEEKS OR GREATER, and Status NOT EQUAL to Complete? 

Thank you so much in


I noticed that a few of my charts either look different or exclude some data when I view my dashboards on the app. For example, I have a report that doesn't show the last row as it does when I'm on my pc. Another chart is lacking the data labels I have enabled. Is this common or do I need to adjust


Hi everyone,

We are looking at using a smartsheet solution to understand how much time employees on our production lines are spending working on certain lines.

I created a separate sheet for each production line (we have 12 production lines) and I am using QR codes scanned via a smartsheet form


If you’ve read the post here or talked with us at ENGAGE, you may be aware that there are some really cool changes we’re making to the Smartsheet Online Community to help you more effectively find and share information with other Smartsheet users. Today, I want to share a little more about some of