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Hello @Craig and other Helpers

i experiment the same issue than other

sorry for my english but i m french

i copy your formula below and try to adapt with "laserjet" type

i want to make a sum if a name appear in the row i write it but doesn t work

=SUMIF( [Syndic]1: [Syndic]1132]; FIND("Crouzet";


Dear brains of Planet SS,

I have added 13 columns (some with dropdowns etc) to an existing Sheet and now want to add these new columns to another five sheets.

is there a quick way of doing this please?

I know rows can be copied to an existing sheet, but what about columns?  I was thinking that if i


I know that SmartSheet can distinguish between tasks that are regular tasks, or milestones, or summary tasks (because of how it represents them on a Gantt chart), but how can I leverage this information when I am trying to build a report on just milestones or just summary tasks?  Is there some way