Is it possible to customize the description in a form? For example add a table or make text bold / italic / underlined? I tried html tags (<b> </b>) but that didn't do the job.

If it isn't possible, are you working on it? Or did other people already vote for it?


Thanks in advance,




I have an Invoice Smartsheet which has invoice amount for invoices for last several months. I have to calculate month to day invoice amount. I have given the following formula:

SUMIF([Inv Amt Rs]:[Inv Amt Rs], [Inv Date]:[Inv Date] > "02/01/2018")

This evaluates to zero, even though invoice amount




We are currently using a web form for customers to submit a service request. After the form has been submitted a auto-numbering confirmation is generated and the customer is sent a notification with that confirmation number. When we process the request we often need to split the service