My company  is a consulting firm that must manage an uncertain project flow. We use one Smartsheet per project, creating a new project smartsheet whenever we submit a project proposal. However, there is always uncertainty as to whether we will actually get any particular project. We definitely don't




The feature I am looking for is basically to copy a link to a row for pasting it in my iCal at the event that corresponds.


For instance, if I have to call the Opportunity in row 100 at 4pm, I will manually create an event in my iCal (becasue SmartSheet sync with iCal only adds them as all


How can I as an Administrator allow Viewers to a sheet but prevent them from getting an email every time that I make an update to the sheet?  I was not aware that these were going out to every person who has Viewer




I have set up a bunch of different reports across multiple sheets. These reports include 'Tasks Due Soon', 'Overdue Tasks', 'Tasks Assigned to X', etc...


Many of the sheets we have created use the same template (Standard Project Template) so that they work consistently with reports, but some


Newbie to Smartsheet, only in trial period but likely to purchase. Is anyone doing anything with a dashboard view? I can see that you can export into Googledocs but I was hoping to have a dashboard page of my projects within Smartsheet