Hello, I have copied a plan into Smartsheet from MS Project and have followed the instructions in… to set up a means of tracking the variance between baseline and actual start and end dates. However the message # Invalid Data



I have read a few posts about calculating values between dates but I'm still having an issue. I am trying to calculate a numeric value (basically a go-live date for 3 different project types) within a specific date rage. I want to calculate how may clients are brought live between April 1,


We are using smartsheet to Nationally track data. When a webform is submitted there is a requirement to email a certain person within the company notifying them that a report has been issued and action is required. The list of different people who might have to be emailed on the report generated is


Hi everyone, 

Has anyone used the live data connector to integrate with another platform such as Qlik or any other? I know that SM now has the dashboard view, but I do not think it is as powerful as other BI platforms. From what I see, the SM dashboard is a very high level overview and does not give


Hey Everyone,

I'm searching for help with developing a time card solution using the form feature. I understand there are already templates in Smartsheets but none them seem to work. The closest template would be the "Weekly Time Card". However it's not really weekly but daily when we referring to