I have a report pulling data from several sheets inside my workspace. Essentially it emails the report as an attachment every morning at 9am to my team and lists out open project needs.


The question is there are some days when the report is blank (ie. no open project needs). Is it possible to:

  • not


I sent in a comment to Customer Success that the sheet is getting slow performance.  The response was bust it up into multiple sheets.  Well I like the idea, I'm not sure I like the solution - it make everything now manual unless someone can tell me a better way.

The first four columns in my Master


Can I modify by drag and drop my form to change the layouts instead of just vertically?



"Salutation"  "First Name"    "Last name"


So it will be appear across the page in the


How can I set up a column to capture data such as a phone number with xxx (xxx) xxxx xxxx format for Country Code, Area Code and phone number.  With dafualt County Code of where there data is coming from or with a default value that can be over-wrtitten by


We would like to be able to send an email encompassing a couple of rows with attachments (Invoices).  The recipient of the email needs to be able to access the invoices as attachments as a computer reads them to populate their accounting program.  The computer is unable to read the invoices if they