Hi all,

Is there a way to print or generate a barcode (Code 128) to a smartsheet Field?

I need a barcode of a number field when i printout the row.

We want use the printed paper for a goods receipt slip in the inspection center for special orders.

We need the barcode on the paper to scan it with the


I think I've found a bug: Automatic forms generated from reports in the browser (right click in the line mover on far left > edit) display all main sheet fields on it. It doesn’t matter what columns I have chosen to display in the report creator, but in the smartsheet android app the automatic


I have a formula in one of my sheets that looks out across multiple columns and populates the cell with all values present in the columns for that row. I simplified the column names to make it easier to read, but here is the formula:

=JOIN(COLLECT([[email protected]:[email protected], [email protected]:[email protected], <> ""),


I'm trying to setup an intake process where a new project is submitted through a form and appears within a project intake sheet for review/approval/denial. If approved, I'd like certain, if not all, column values for new projects to be copied over to a master sheet, which includes additional columns


Hi, I am using the following formula that calculates the # of days between a date field and TODAY(). I have an issue if there is no date in the field and giving an #Invalid Data Type error. I would like it to either be blank or if possible to say "Please provide a Date"




I have a formula that looks like this:

=SUMIF([Request Status]:[Request Status], "5-Complete", [Est Days to Scan]:[Est Days to Scan])

I've noticed that in each of the two columns referenced in my formula, the selection includes 10 rows of blank cells below the last populated cell.  Is this normal?