How are you all using smartsheet with your team?


Is everyone in the team an Admin? Do you have one Admin and others who have assigned tasks within the sheet are Viewers or Editors?


In short... if I pull a date from another sheet using "Link from Cell in Another Sheet", I can't do formulas off that date.  I've verfied that the columns are formatted as dates.  


[Opening Date]1 is linked from another Smartsheet.
I want to add 180 days to the [Opening Date]1.  

[Opening Date]1 =


I have created a dashboard linking cells to cells in other sheets. It has been working great.


However, I am now running into issues when linking new cells:


  1. 1. The End date is not populated.
  2. 2. The %Complete in the dashboard does not roll up the the group.


If I try to link the <End Date> cell